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Hair Coloring Services
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Do blondes really have more fun? Are you ready to release your inner fiery redhead? Maybe you want to add a luxurious, even sheen to your dark locks. Or, you’re simply tired of finding more grey hair every time you look in the mirror! If you love your hairstyle but want a change – or as part of a complete makeover – we are proud to recommend our expert colorists for your new look. Schedule your Mountain View hair coloring today! When you come in for a color appointment, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your options, and if you desire, we can make a recommendation for your optimum color.


+ All prices are start from and set by consultation
Hair Coloring
Includes consultation, shampoo, massage, conditioner and finish
ColoristSenior ColoristMaster ColoristDirector ColoristTime Hrs:Min
Man’s Gray Blending
Covers your chosen amount of gray from 10-90% for short, dark hair
Color Touch Up 
Recolors new growth within 1″ of scalp
Single Process Color
One step process that results in a single tone throughout the hair
Partial Highlights / Lowlights
Changes tone of some hair strands using lightener/color/foils on the crown
Full Highlights / Lowlights
Changes tone of some hair strands using lightener/color/foils throughout the hair
$215+ $225+$235+$240+2:30+
Changes tone of some hair strands by free hand painting with lightener/color
Color Correction / Blonding / Fashion Color
Multiple step processes that result in one or more tones throughout the hair
Starting prices vary                                 Call or text us2:30+
Toning Add On
Refreshes color and/or adds depth with lightening services
Olaplex Add On
Rebuilds the strength, structure and integrity of your hair


   Complimentary Consultation         0:15

   Call or text us to schedule

   Do it 48 hours before your first-ever color

   service. If you’re going for a big change,

   come in before the day of service or send

   us pictures of your hair and what you’re after.


   Other Color Services: ask us