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About Us

Happiness through Hairstyling

Jennifer designed the salon from scratch using all that she had learned through decades of hairstyling and in living a simple, kind and natural life. She gave the salon a modern European look and feel, employing many technical innovations to create a healthy environment for our guests.

“My passion for hairstyling began early. As a little girl in China, I often watched as a famous Master brought out the inner beauty of her guests through her artistry. This reflection of the person’s “Essence” in their hairstyle made them very happy. I decided that I too wanted to bring people that kind of happiness, so I apprenticed for that Master for two years.

After years of training and hairstyling, I sold my five salons in China and came to the US to be free and once again bring people Happiness through Hairstyling. I started Essence Salon after several more years of experience in the US and took training at Sassoon and Toni & Guy Academies around the world.

Today, through training, experience and caring, my staff and I give you the style that you want, that makes you look great and that really makes you happy.”


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