Health and Safety Measures

Health & Safety Measures

Essence Salon puts your health and safety above all else before, during and after your hair service. Below is a summary of the things we do to protect you from infectious diseases and our enhanced procedures to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • Comply with the Santa Clara County Mandatory Directive: Personal Care Services
  • Follow the guidance of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (CalOSHA)
  • Follow all the rules of the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology
  • Employ a ventilation system that brings filtered fresh air from outside into the salon and exhausts the interior salon air to the outside. There is no recirculation of interior air to avoid potential contamination. The system brings in a volume of fresh air equivalent to the entire volume of air in the salon every 3 minutes or so
  • Employ plastic barriers between every station
  • Keep styling chairs more than 6 feet apart
  • Limit the number of employees to no more than 4 and the number of Guests to no more than 5 at all times
  • Employees wear 3-layer, disposable face masks at all times while in the salon
  • Our stylists and salon assistants wear eye protection during your service
  • Our stylists and salon assistants wear a clean smock during your service that is changed afterwards
  • Our team is led by a Guest Experience Manager (GEM) who is responsible for making sure that all of our COVID-19 procedures are rigorously followed during their shift
  • The GEM self-diagnoses before coming to work. If (s)he is not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have not tested positive or come in contact with anyone testing positive or experiencing symptoms in the last 14 days, the GEM comes to work. Otherwise, (s)he stays home and contacts a health care professional and calls management for backup. Once at work, GEM takes his/her own temperature. Given that the temperature is normal, the GEM starts the shift, executing to a task list. The GEM sanitizes and disinfects those areas that are not sanitized and disinfected after every service, prepares for arrival of additional team members and washes capes, smocks and towels after every use
  • Each team member is greeted by the GEM who greets them outside, makes sure they are wearing a face mask, asks if they are have experienced symptoms of COVID-19, tested positive or have been in contact with anyone who has in the last 14 days. The GEM then takes the team member’s temperature. If the answer to all questions is no and the temperature is less than 99.9 degrees, the team member is allowed into the salon. If answer to any of the questions is “yes” or the temperature is 99.9 degrees or more, the team member is not allowed into salon. The GEM sends the employee home and instructs them to go get tested. If the test results come back positive, the GEM on duty when we receive the notification will close notify Santa Clara County within 4 hours, call management and then close the salon. Management will then make sure the whole salon is sanitized and disinfected before any more Guests are allowed into the salon. The team member that shows a negative test result after the 14 days will be allowed to return to work. This is the same procedure the GEM will follow whenever they are notified of a positive test result by any Guest or employee
  • The doors of the salon are locked at all times and only the GEM has the key. The doors can be opened from the inside without a key
  • Services are by appointment only, no walk-ins
  • Minimize potential exposure time by asking Guests to wash hair before coming to salon for haircut only services and by waiting outside until appointment time
  • Each Guest will be greeted outside of the salon by the GEM, asked questions about symptoms/positive test/potential exposure and have their temperature taken. If answers to all questions are “no” and temperature is below 99.9, the GEM will open the door for the Guest. If an answers to any of the questions is “yes” or temperature is 99.9 degrees or more, the Guest will not be allowed into the salon by order of Santa Clara County. The GEM will recommend the Guest go home and contact a health care professional
  • The GEM will have the Guest go to the restroom and wash their hands with soap. Handwashing should be performed for 20 seconds or more. When the Guest returns from the restroom, the GEM will seat them in a styling station
  • The stylist will greet the Guest at the styling station and perform the cut and/or color
  • Afterwards, the Stylist will return the Guest to the GEM and then immediately sanitize and disinfect any stations that were used to perform cut and/or color. The Stylist will remove their used smock, wash their hands and then don a clean, freshly laundered smock
  • The GEM will assist with any hair care product purchases the Guest may want. That way, the Guest will not have to touch any products on the shelves
  • The GEM will prebook the Guest’s next appointment to ensure the Guest gets the time they want for their next service, even during this backlog
  • The GEM will checkout the Guest using our no-touch payment system and the Guest’s credit or debit card. We will Email a receipt at the Guest’s request
  • After the Guest leaves, the GEM will then sanitize and disinfect any surfaces that the Guest may have touched since leaving the styling station including the bathroom, front desk and front doorknob
For more information, please review the protocol we have filed with Santa Clara Department of Public Health. Go to