Single Process Color

All About Single and Double Process Hair Treatments

Just about everyone has looked in the mirror at some point, wanting a change. It’s important to know your hair color options so you can make the best choice for your look and the health of your hair. 

Base Colors and Single Process Treatments

Base color simply means your natural (or existing) hair color. If your natural hair color is within the range of medium to blonde or grey hair, then you would greatly benefit from a single process hair treatment. As the name suggests, this refers to a single layer of dye that covers every strand of hair. 

This process is the easiest way to change up your look. Using this hair technique will effortlessly cover gray hairs, or help you achieve an allover darker shade with minimal hair damage. Keep in mind this look will need to be touched up every four to eight weeks.

What is a Double Process Hair Treatment?

If you have naturally dark hair and are looking to drastically change your look, we'd recommend doing a double process hair treatment. Due to the level of difficulty and the potential for hair damage involved in a double process treatment, we definitely recommend going to a stylist. 

If you're looking to achieve bright hair, your stylist will first bleach the hair to remove all pigment from the follicles. From there a second chemical process will be needed. Depending on the desired result, your stylist will either need to bleach the hair again to achieve a more natural blonde hue, or else they will apply the desired hair dye color. Keep in mind, double processes tend to be more damaging to the hair follicles, so more after-care is needed.

Highlights and Hair Painting

Many people simply don't have the time, patience, or extra cash to head to the salon to touch up their roots every few weeks. That's where highlights and hair-painting come in. Choosing one of these hair coloring techniques will allow you to visit the salon much less frequently.

If you already love your base color but are looking to add some dimension and life back into your hair, we'd recommend getting highlights. This process involves your stylist bleaching hundreds of tiny strands of hair to achieve a sun-kissed, dimensional look.

You can have as many or as few highlights as you want. We even see some people who only choose a few face-framing highlights for a more natural yet refined look. However, if your style is more laid back and relaxed, we'd recommend hair painting, which is when the stylist takes random pieces of hair and artfully paints on the bleach. The bleach is typically focused more on the lower half of the hair, for an intentional grown-out look.

Whether you are simply looking to cover gray hair or are looking for something a little more dramatic, single process color may be an option. Book online today and let our skilled stylists help you add better color and more life to your hair!