What to Expect & Stages of Lightening Dark Hair

What to Expect & Stages of Lightening Dark Hair

What Are the Different Hair Levels?

When it comes to lightening hair, it's helpful to understand the various hair color levels to help you achieve the best possible result. Generally speaking, there are 10 hair levels. These include: 
  • Level 1: Black
  • Level 2: Darkest Brown
  • Level 3: Dark Brown
  • Level 4: Medium Brown
  • Level 5: Light Brown
  • Level 6: Dark Blonde
  • Level 7: Medium Blonde
  • Level 8: Blonde
  • Level 9: Light Blonde
  • Level 10: Lightest Blonde
Trying to lighten dark hair too quickly can result in a vast amount of damage. It also tends to produce a poor result and a color you aren't happy with.
But lightening dark hair isn't impossible! It's just a process that takes time with various stages.

What Are the Stages of Lightening Dark Hair?

To understand the hair-lightening process, you need to first think about your current hair color. Hair dyes weren't created to lighten hair. Instead, they were created to apply a certain shade of color to the hair. If you're looking to lighten dark hair, you need to wait until the hair molecules in your former dye shrink. It's also likely that you'll need to strip away the overall undertone of the hair if it was previously dyed. 
When lightening dark hair, we recommend taking it slow. While you may be yearning for platinum-blonde hair in one treatment, your hair will thank you for taking baby steps. This not only will lead to a beautiful color but will keep your hair looking and feeling as healthy as possible. 

How Many Sessions Does It Take To Lighten Hair?

Depending on the level of your hair, it usually takes between two to five hair sessions to lighten very dark hair. If you're interested in lightening dark hair, we recommend speaking to a trained hair colorist who can provide you with further information. This is because the overall lightening process will depend on how dark your hair is, the type of color you have previously applied and the lightness you're looking to achieve. 

Will Lightening My Hair Cause Damage?

It's no secret that lightening hair results in some amount of damage. Nothing will ever be as healthy as virgin hair that has been completely untouched. That being said, you can reduce the damage caused during the lighting process if you look after your hair at home. 
This means regularly applying deep-conditioning treatments to give your strands the moisture they so desperately need. Invest in a good shampoo and hair conditioner recommended by your hair stylist and always ensure to use a heat-protectant when styling with hot tools. 
Make sure you brush your hair gently and try to give it a break here and there from lots of styling and heat. Instead of rushing into the lightning process, doing so gradually will reduce the amount of damage caused to your hair. 

How Do I Maintain My Lighter Hair Color?

If you are looking to maintain blonde hair and bleached hair, you'll need to ensure you're looking after it properly at home. 
This means incorporating the above tips into your daily routine and treating your hair gently and with care. If you're worried about your platinum blonde hair looking brassy, invest in some purple shampoo to keep your locks looking fresh and gorgeous. Violet pigments help neutralize yellow tones and brassy colors. It's usually recommended to use a purple shampoo once or twice a week to keep your bleached hair looking great. 
It's also important to use a shampoo and conditioner that has been created specifically for bleached hair. This will help preserve your color over time, giving you long-lasting results. 

How Often Should I Touch Up My Roots?

As a general rule of thumb, it's usually recommended to touch up your roots every 6-8 weeks. This is the standard process for hair that has been lightened. 
If you're looking to reduce the number of times you need to touch up your roots, you could always opt for a balayage color. This is when highlights are swept on the surface of random pieces of hair, resulting in a more natural and sun-kissed look. This look usually allows for longer periods of regrowth as the natural hair color is incorporated into the overall look.